Why do I need a Zeder Lock System or Lion Claw if my vehicle already has an alarm?


Car alarms are easy to hack and decode. There are many gadgets capable of disarming any alarm. Even if not decoded, the alarm creates a noise that nobody pays any attention to and the vehicle can be driven, pushed or towed away. That is not possible with our systems!

What is a difference between the Zeder Lock, Lion Claw and all other security systems?


Zeder Lock and Lion Claw block the steering mechanism thus making it impossible to push or tow the vehicle away. Even if thieves start the engine the car cannot be driven away.

Zeder Lock also features an engine start blocker (or a sound signal) making it impossible to start driving while forgetting to disengage the steering mechanism block. This feature meets the European Union required safety standards.

But, the dealer told me that the car has a factory installed immobilizer?


GM uses PASSlock II, FORD has a SecuriLock, CHRYSLER uses SentryKey and TOYOTA installs an Engine Immobilizer. These anti-theft systems were tested by a USA national magazine; it was concluded that these systems are easily bypassed in approximately 20 second. Often vehicles are stolen by towing or pushing, our systems prevent towing and pushing while immobilizers do not. If the dealer told you that you do not need an additional anti-theft system THAT IS NOT TRUE! Many vehicles got stolen despite having an immobilizer.

My dealer told me that installing the Zeder system will void my warranty?


Dealers often attempt to sell you expensive anti-theft alarms. The Zeder system has been approved in all EU countries. You can purchase the Lion Claw, its use will not void your warranty. Upon the warranty expiration you can return it and upgrade to a Zeder system.

Why is it that the Zeder system and Lion Claw have no light warning signal?


All alarms have those and they do not prevent theft. The Zeder system and Lion Claw include two warning placard window stickers, posting them will deter thieves from steeling your vehicle. When affixed on the steering wheel, the Lion Claw is clearly visible and deters thieves from your car.

How to prevent a vehicle being stolen by towing or pushing?


To prevent a vehicle from being stolen by towing or pushing simply turn the wheels towards the curb and lock the steering wheel in that position. Any attempt to move the vehicle will result in wheels hitting the curb. Pushing the vehicle will make it go in circles, while towing it would be too obvious and suspicious as the vehicle will take up two traffic lanes. It’s just too complicated for thieves!

Is there a system that is 100% effective in preventing auto-theft?


Such a system does not and probably will never exist. With our systems we strive to achieve the maximum protection possible. The industry data shows that thieves target unprotected and vehicles with low levels of protection.

According to a study conducted by the British Police, any device that requires 5 minutes of the thief’s time to disengage can be considered 100% protection.

It is crucial to follow device use instructions (not giving the keys to anyone, always properly engaging the device, locking the wheels towards the curb, etc…) Unfortunately, many car owners do not follow these instructions.

Wouldn't it be more effective to install a transmission blocker system or a brakes-lock system?


The transmission blocker system is easily bypassed by depressing the clutch and pushing the vehicle away, while the brakes-lock system is disengaged by emptying the brake oil from the braking system and driving the car away while using the emergency brake.