Our company was founded with the mission of producing and making available security systems which will, with their unique quality and unparalleled safety, establish themselves as the leading solutions in the international car security industry.

Thanks to our innovative solutions, as well as many years of experience in the field of automobile security, we have successfully introduced two security systems onto the market: Zeder Lock and Lion Claw.

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Zeder Lock is a cutting edge, progressive car security system, protecting your vehicle from theft. It provides mechanical protection, getting installed directly onto the steering wheel’s shaft, blocking it and making steering impossible. The lock’s unique electric design also prevents the engine from being started.

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Lion Claw


Lion Claw system is a mechanical car security device which sets up on the drive system’s central part, preventing the car from being driven away. It is easy to fix into position, and its innovative design provides for easy usage in general. Once fixed, it also prevents the car from being pulled away, pushed away, or pulled onto the tow truck.

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